The Asian Good Food Bar


Whether you choose a wok, wrap, poké bowl or smoothie; we are completely transparent about what's in it. We believe that every ingredient has the power to nourish your body & mind. In need of energy, power, focus or detox? We provide you with insight into your meal. On top of that you can fully customize your healthy meal, giving you control over what's in it. Whether you want to eat vegan, gluten-free or low-carb, at eazie it's all possible. 

100% EAZIE

eazie means speed. eazie understands that urban life demands quickness. That's why we bring your personal feel good food as quickly as possible to your home, work or to your table in our restaurant. eazie means convenience. You can easily create your own meal or you can go for a meal we've already put together. You can decide whether you want to take a moment to slow down or have an in-between moment. It's all up to you. 


Choose all your favorite ingredients yourself! Indulge yourself and enjoy fresh ingredients, unique eazie flavors and your very own fully-customized meal. Tasty and healthy, your way! 


Strengthen muscles? Lose weight? Maintain focus? Achieve your personal goals with the meal that gives you exactly what you need! Compiled by Naomi Brinkmans sports dietician at, among others, the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association). Click here for more info!