General (shipping and delivery) terms and conditions eazie services BV
Last updated: 26 October 2022

Eazie BV is at all times entitled to amend and/or supplement these general (delivery) terms and conditions without informing you. The general (delivery) terms and conditions are valid at the time you place the order or use the website. 
Through the website (www.eazie.nl), eazie makes it possible to pass on orders to its franchisees. The website also provides information about products, promotions, promotional activities and other content related to eazie, its franchisees and its suppliers. By placing an order and using the website, you agree to the general (delivery) terms and conditions.


The following definitions are used in these General (delivery) terms and conditions:
1.1 The Website: www.eazie.nl;
1.2 Eazie: eazie services BV, schipholweg 103, 2316 XC in Leiden, the Netherlands, mail: [email protected], KVK number: 24400640.
1.3 You: the natural person, aged 16 years or older, who enters into an agreement with eazie BV and its franchisees via the website;
1.4 We: eazie;
1.5 Order: the order placed by you via the website (delivery, collection or table service);
1.6 Agreement: the purchase agreement regarding the order between you and the franchisee of eazie;
1.7 Franchisee: an independent entrepreneur who has a contract with eazie;
1.8 Establishment: eazie establishment of the franchisee. 


2.1 When you place an order on the website, you accept the offer of the eazie franchisee. 
2.2 An order is made by filling in the order form and clicking on the order button or payment button. 
2.3 The agreement is concluded the moment you have received an electronic confirmation from the relevant eazie establishment. The eazie establishment has the right to change or cancel an order without giving reasons. If the order is cancelled you will be informed and any payment made will be refunded to your bank account within a reasonable period of time. 
2.4 You are responsible for providing the correct information (names, zip codes, delivery addresses, etc.) necessary to properly process the order. 
2.5 Delivery, collection, table service
2.5.1 Delivery: Your order will be delivered to your zip code area. You enter into an agreement with the franchisee where you have placed an order. The franchisee will deliver your order to you as soon as possible. 
2.5.2 Pickup: Your order will be prepared for pickup at your chosen franchisee as soon as possible. You will enter into an agreement with the franchisee where you have placed an order
2.5.3 Table Service: Your order will be prepared and delivered to your table at your chosen franchisee as soon as possible. You enter into an agreement with the franchisee where you placed an order


3.1 Delivery of an order is subject to a minimum order amount. The minimum order amount varies by franchisee. 
3.2 Orders can be placed via the internet on the website. Opening hours are listed on the website. 
3.3 Efforts will be made to deliver your order within 60 minutes to the address indicated by you. Eazie BV and its franchisees are not liable for a delivery that is late or does not meet the time indication due to circumstances such as weather and traffic or other causes. 
3.4 The risk regarding the order shall pass to you after the order has been delivered and paid for. 


4.1 You pay for your order online via the website using the payment options or in cash at the relevant eazie establishment where you placed an order for delivery, pickup or table service. For security reasons, the delivery driver never carries cash. You should pay as appropriately as possible. 
4.2 If the online payment is not authorized or is refused then the order is not confirmed. The eazie establishment is then under no obligation to deliver the order. 


5.1 There is a minimum order amount (excluding delivery costs) for every delivery order. This amount may vary per eazie establishment.  
5.2 The delivery costs are stated with the order. The delivery costs may vary per eazie establishment. 
5.3 The prices include VAT. 
5.4 The price for pickup and delivery differs. The price of delivery is higher because of delivery and material costs.


6.1 Promotional actions must be communicated during the ordering process. Promotional offers will not be settled afterwards. If you have not done so, eazie and its franchisees do not have to deliver in accordance with the promotions. 
6.2 Eazie and its franchisees have the right at any time to refuse and discontinue promotional offers without prior notice to you. 


7.1 The total liability of eazie and its franchisees for any breach of an agreement or for any other reason shall at all times be limited to compensation for direct loss up to a maximum amount of the price fixed for that in the agreement.
7.2 The liability of eazie and its franchisees for indirect damages, including but not limited to consequential damages, lost profits, lost sales is excluded.


8.1 You have the option to create an account on the website. This makes it easy for you to place an order.
8.2 You are responsible for providing and maintaining you complete, truthful and current information when creating your account. 
8.3 You are also responsible for the use and security of your account. When creating your account, you will be asked to choose a password. Your password is strictly personal. You are not entitled to allow third parties to use your account and password. Eazie is not liable for the actions taken on your account. 
8.4 Eazie is entitled to deny you permanent or temporary access to your account at any time and without giving reasons. 


9.1 Eazie and its franchisee process personal data to offer you its services. This is done in accordance with applicable legislation. For more information please refer to the privacy and cookie statement. 


10.1 Intellectual property rights are vested in Eazie and/or third parties engaged by it. Intellectual property rights include all patent rights, trademark rights, trade name rights, database rights, domain names and other rights of intellectual property, which are related but not limited to the website, the content of the website, the delivered products, packaging, advertising materials.
10.2 You may not copy or remove, or make any changes or modifications to the website and/or products, packaging or other advertising materials. You may only print or download materials for your own use and without commercial purpose.


11.1 The eazie establishment does not provide alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age. When placing an order with alcoholic beverages, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. You may be asked for identification. 
11.2 The website contains links to third party websites. Eazie has no control over these websites and is not responsible for their content. The use of references to third party websites is at your own risk. 


12.1 About Any complaints, questions and/or comments about your order, you can contact the relevant eazie establishment where you placed your order. The contact details can be found in the confirmation email of your order. Should the handling of the complaint by the eazie establishment be insufficient, you can submit a complaint to eazie via the e-mail address: [email protected]. eazie aims to handle your complaint as soon as possible.