The Asian Good Food Bar

Strengthen your muscles with Power up

Created for optimal recovery and build-up of your muscles. Perfect before or after your strength training or workout.

Eat less carbohydrates & lose weight with Low carb

Only 20.8 grams of carbohydrates and very tasty. Despite the zero carb noodles this meal is very nutritious and fills you up due to the larger portion of proteins and vegetables.

Prevent a dip and maintain your focus with Full focus

The ingredients are absorbed slowly because of the whole grain rice. The proteins from the steak provide long-lasting satiety. They prevent you from having a "dip" and help you maintain your focus longer. In addition, the black pepper and ginger give your body a boost!

Maintain your energy with Long lasting energy

Plenty of carbohydrates that give you sufficient energy. Perfect before or after your endurance training. 

Give your body a boost with Body boost

A boost for your body any time of the day. Whole grain rice with extra vegetables, vitamins, minerals and high quality protein. Shrimp are rich in the minerals iodine, phosphorus and selenium. They also contain several B-vitamins that support your energy management. In addition, garlic and lemongrass act anti-inflammatory.

Who is Naomi?

Naomi Brinkmans works as a sports dietitian for the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) and FC Utrecht. At the KNVB Naomi has developed a FoodConcept for the Dutch national teams at the KNVB Campus with which she guides the football players to an optimal nutritional intake. This is fully tailored to the goal the player has at that moment: 'maintenance' of the body, 'energy' to maximize performance or ensure optimal 'recovery' of the body. Her passion is nutrition, health and sport in every conceivable combination.