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WIN - Tour of South Korea, for two!

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Promotion period April 16 to June 3. Orders at the checkout or order kiosk are not included in this promotion. Winners will be announced the week of June 3.

Price offered VNC Asia Travel. The expert for your Asia trip!

Can you see yourself walking around South Korea?

Enjoy a 10-day round trip for 2 along the highlights of South Korea.

Discover the amazing Seoul with its mix of historic temples to modern skyscrapers, authentic street food to luxury shopping malls. Gyeongju, the former capital with over a thousand years of history and culture. And Busan the bustling port city with a unique combination of modern skylines, ancient temples and beautiful beaches. 

From flight to hotel, your breakfast and the tour. Everything will be arranged perfectly!

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Price offered VNC Asia Travel. The expert for your Asia trip!